Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trick or Treat Bags

With Halloween approaching anyone with kids knows the importance of a good trick or treat bag.  For years mine little ones used plastic bags, with sometimes horrible results.  We experienced ripped bags with the stash of candy falling out all over the street.  Zazzle has good quality canvas tote bags in a variety of sizes.  You can find just about any type of Halloween design for your own special trick or treat bag.  No more lost candy on the street!  Plus you can use them over each year.  Or if you are like me and like spooky all year round use them for other things like books, your knitting, or even the beach!  I learned to get a bag for each of my kids then a big one for me to carry.  That way when the bags got too heavy for the kids they could dump the goodies into mine.  My arms would hurt by the end of the night but it make it easier for the kids.  Here is a small sampling of what is available on Zazzle, you can also personalize the bags with your kid's name!

Heart of Bones Skull Bag bag
Heart of Bones Skull Bag by artbymar
Create a bag at

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