Monday, October 3, 2011

Haunted Houses

I love spooky old houses.  I love them even more when they come with a good ghost story.  You know the kind-- almost every neighborhood has one--that the kids run past on Halloween because they are afraid to trick or treat there.

My favorite memory as a child was an old house near my cousins place in the country.  It was probably over 100 years old and sat out in an open field.  It had been abandoned for a long time.  We were forbidden to go inside (most likely because it was unsafe--rotten floor boards, etc.).  There was a big spooky tree in front of this house that had an old man's suit on a hanger dangling from it.  We would walk up to the house (not getting too close) and just stand and stare.  We always saw that suit swinging like a ghost even when the wind was not blowing. 

Here are some fun and spooky "Haunted House" gifts from Zazzle.  Makes me wish I could go back to that house to see if the suit was still there swinging in the wind!

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