Sunday, September 15, 2013

Outside Halloween Display Inspiration

It is that time of year again, to get out the Halloween decorations!  I absolutely love getting all my Halloween stuff out of the basement and decorating.  All year long I look for inspiration and ideas to add or improve my decorations.  I feel my outside display needs some updating so I have collected some pictures I am using for inspiration this year.  Not sure I will be able to add anything as grand as these pictures but they certainly have given me some ideas to do even if on a smaller scale. 

I love skeletons!  I thought this was fun and original with skeleton "pall bearers" carrying a spooky old casket.  Maybe I can talk my hubby into building a casket prop for me.

Here is another really cool casket prop I will have to show to the hubby.  This would look great propped up against my big tree in my front yard.

This one would require much more work (and money I am sure) but would be an awesome addition to my grave yard which has been looking rather sparse these last few years.

More skeletons!  I have seen this idea, skeletons climbing all over the house, done in many ways.  I have always wanted to do this but I am not real steady on ladders!  I have also seen this idea done with witches.  Maybe I could do a combination of the two on my lower roof.

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  1. Oh, these are great! I love Halloween. Shared your post on my timeline. Love it!