Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It is October--Yay!  My favorite month.  I have all my Halloween decorations up and am trying not to spend the whole month's budget on new Halloween things!

I love pumpkins but get very frustrated with trying to carve them every year.  Even with stencils I am not good with anything more than basic shapes.  So here are some ideas for your pumpkins this Halloween even if like me you are no good with elaborate carving.

 If you can carve a basic circle there are lots of ideas to dress up your pumpkin.  You can buy carving tools that will punch out basic shapes so you do not have to carve with a knife.  Add your candle or lights and decorate with creatures crawling in and out of your pumpkin.  The above has rats but you could also use spiders, snakes, bats or any other creatures you can usually find at the dollar store.

My favorite easy way to decorate pumpkins are with stencils and paint.  You can combine the two or use each option alone.  The possibilities are endless.  Just Google Halloween Stencils and you will find many sites offer downloads for free.  You can glue then on your pumpkin, cover them with paint to stamp them on the pumpkin, or use trace around the stencil them fill in with paint on the pumpkin.

I love the look of either glitter or metallic paint on pumpkins like the purple ones above or the gold in the previous picture.

You do not need great artistic skills to paint your pumpkins to look like candy corn.  Her are a few more ideas for stencils, paints, and basic carving shapes.  Happy pumpkin decorating!

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