Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spooky Christmas Tree Ideas

I have always wanted to do a "spooky" theme for my Christmas tree.  But with a hubby who is VERY traditional when it comes to Christmas I never have.  This year we are thinking about a second tree for the living room so I have collected a few ideas for a spooky Gothic tree.

I have always loved the look of a white tree which would be perfect for spooky theme.  I am obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas so of course I love the tree below.

Here is another white tree and I adore the look of the lights on this one and the bats.

I know my husband would never go for this one but it would be great for a Halloween tree also.  My favorite ornament is the large skeleton.

I love black for a tree just as well as white.  This one would put the hubby over the edge too!  I love the wrapping paper on the presents as well as tombstones under the tree.  It really stands out among all those other "traditional' trees.
Finally how cute to decorate the tree with skeleton and mummy gingerbread men!  I might be able to sneak a few of these on our traditional tree!
Happy Christmas decorating!

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