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How To - Bride of Frankenstein Hairdo Using Your Long Hair

Bride of Frankenstein is a classic and favorite Halloween costume. While you can certainly buy one it is much more fun, creative, and less costly to make your own. What about that bizarre hairdo that is the center of attention on this costume, how the heck do I create that you say? Well it is really not too difficult and I will give you step by step instructions to creating this fun hairdo. You will need your own long hair plus some supplies you probably already have laying around the house. Using your own hair will be cheaper and much more fun than buying a wig for your costume. Plus people will be amazed and impressed that the monster mound of hair on your head is really yours when you head out trick or treating or to Halloween parties.

By doing your own hair for this costume you can also add your own creativity and originality. You are not limited to store bought cookie cutter wigs. Want to be a blond Frankenstein Bride with electric blue hair streaks? Go for it, you will be original (and probably the ONLY blond Bride of Frankenstein at the party!). As you can see in the picture my model had some red streaks in her hair which we left to add some originality to the style.

The one supply that you must have is long hair. The length should be at least to your shoulders. Don't worry if you have lots of layers cut into your hair, hairspray will take care those. Color doesn't matter either, you can easily give yourself black and white (or any color you want) hair with temporary spray color.

Here is the list of supplies you will need. I am giving instructions for the classic black with white streaks hair but you can choose any color you want. Most of these supplies are relatively cheap and you probably already have many of them in your home.

1. The Hair on Your Head!
2. Any Water Bottle (Empty so drink the water first!)
3. Aluminum Foil
4. Long Bobby Pins
5. Curling Iron (optional-your choice whether to curl hair)
6. Hairspray
7. Temporary Hair Color Spray
8. Paper Towels
9. Old Towels or Hairstylist Cape (to protect clothing from color spray)
10. Latex Gloves (optional if you don't want spray color on your hands)

Getting Started - Summary of Instructions

Here is the summary of instructions to create this up do for your costume. I will follow with detailed instructions on each step of the process. It is wise to review all the steps before you begin.

Gather all the supplies you will need and have them handy before you start. You don't want to be running around looking for things with half your hair pinned up! Since you will be using hairspray and color spray it is best to use a well ventilated room (open a window or turn on a bathroom fan).

You should start with dry and unwashed hair. No matter what the texture, hair that has not been washed for at least a day will hold a style better than just washed hair.

Protect your clothing from the hairspray and temporary color spray. You can use old towels to wrap around your shoulders or purchase a plastic cape that hairstylists use in salons. If your costume must be pulled over your head to put it on it is best to do so before you do your hair. Just be sure to protect it as mentioned. Here are the steps to creating this Halloween hair.

~ Gather all supplies
~ Protect Clothing
~ Build your base from aluminum foil and the water bottle
~ Attach the foil wrapped bottle to your head
~ Curl (optional) and pin your hair up and around the base
~ Color your creation with temporary hair color spray
~ Create and color the Side Streaks

Step One: Build Your Base by Covering Water Bottle With Foil

The foil wrapped water bottle is the base that will be attached to your head and gives the height required for this hairstyle. Wrapping the bottle in aluminum foil serves two functions. You can control the diameter of the bottle to suit your hair length by adding more or less foil (longer locks=more foil). Most importantly the foil will allow you to securely attached the bottle to your head without slipping.

Start ripping sheets of foil about a foot long from the roll of aluminum foil. Set the water bottle in the center of your first sheet then wrap and tightly scrunch the foil up and around the bottle. Keep adding foil until the bottle is covered, this will take approximately three to four sheets. Finish with two to three sheets that are extended around the bottom of the bottle. You want the bottom sheets to be flattened out so you can mold it to the top of your head and easily secure the bottle with your bobby pins.

Step Two: Attach The Bottle To Your Head With Bobby Pins

With your water bottle base complete you are now ready to attached it to your head. Comb your hair so half is in front of your face. The base should sit on top of your head, slightly back from the crown. Push the foil bottom down so it is molded to the shape of your head.

Start pinning the base securely through your hair INTO the foil (the flattened out bottom foil) with the bobby pins. For the most secure fit shove the bobby pins through the foil. Pin all the way around the base. When you are finished attaching with bobby pins test for any slippage by shaking your head around. If the bottle does not move you are good to go on to the next step.

Step Three: Wrap Hair Up and Around Base

Now you are ready to make your hair stand up on your head (the fun part!) by pinning and wrapping hair by sections up and over the water bottle.

If you have naturally curly hair you most likely do not need to curl with a curling iron. If you have straight locks this is still optional but curling can help give your the wavy, frizzy look of the traditional Bride hairstyle. It is really your choice but you at least want to tease or back comb each section to give your strands some texture and poof. This will make covering the bottle easier.

Start with a section of hair about two to three inches wide closest the the base. Curl if your so choose. Hold the section up and back comb or tease the strands for texture and lift. Take that section and place it up and over the base then secure with bobby pins. Make sure to shove the pins through the foil on the bottle for the tightest hold. Spray the fastened section with hairspray to control flyaway pieces and give it staying power.

Keep going all the way around your head in a circular motion curling, teasing, pinning and spraying. You want to leave about a 2 inch wide section of hair on each side of your head right in front of your ears hanging down. These will be the colored streaks that run up the sides of the hairstyle.

Do not be concerned with hiding all the bobby pins. These will easily be blended in once you spray on the temporary color.

Step Four: Color with Black Temporary Spray

Once you have all your hair (except the side streaks) attached up and around the base your are ready to color. Before you spray with the black temporary color (or whatever color you choose) you want to protect your two sections for the streaks still hanging from the sides of your head. Wrap them in paper towels and fasten with bobby pins.

If the weather is permitting you may want to go outside to use the temporary spray color. If that is not possible try using a larger room like the garage where you are less likely to color your walls as well as your hair. If you must use your bathroom open a window or turn on an exhaust fan. Take care when aiming the nozzle. Every Halloween I end up with splotches of different colors on my bathroom walls!

Have a paper towel handy to help protect your face also. It is helpful if you can get someone's assistance with spraying. Shake your can of spray well then begin spraying your creation in short strokes. Spray about 5-6 times then take a look to see how well it has covered. Keep spraying until all the hair is covered to your liking.

You will want to give it a good 10 minutes or so to dry but you can start creating your side streaks during the drying time.

Step Five: Create the Side Streaks.

Even if you did not wish to curl your hair to cover the base you should curl the streaks to give them the wavy line that the traditional Bride has on her head unless you have natural waves.

Once curled you will spray color the streaks before pinning them to your head. Place a paper towel behind the streak section of hair. Use the white (or your color of choice) to spray both sections. Be sure get spray both the front and back of the streak strands. Let dry completely.

Place the streak sections up each side of your head and fasten with bobby pins as you go creating a wavy pattern.

 There you have it--your own unique Bride of Frankenstein hair.  Add some make up and a white dress and you are ready for Halloween.

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