Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ghost Bicycles

I try to get out on the trails around my house on by bicycle as much as I can, especially since the weather will be getting cooler.  I always get chills every time I pass one of the "ghost bicycles" that have been placed around the area on different bike routes and trails.

These are usually old discarded bikes that have been painted all white and are permanently set up in a specific location.  Some like the one above located on one of my favorite trails serve as a general reminder to be careful when biking.  As well as a reminder to all who use the trial to follow rules.

Many times they are set up as a memorial to a specific person or to mark the exact location that a bicyclist was killed.  These are the ones that give me chills and I find rather sad.

This tradition has been around for some time and has spread to many different cities as biking has become more popular and more people use their bikes as their form of transportation as well as for recreation.

I think these are great to catch people's attention and raise awareness of bike safety whether you are walking, biking, or driving a car.  Plus it is a nice way to honor those who have been lost.

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