Thursday, February 2, 2017

Poker Playing Ghosts in My Kitchen

So apparently I have two dead guys smoking cigars and playing poker at my kitchen table.  Over the years we have had "odd" things happen in the house.  Subtle things like unexplained noises, things going missing then turning up in places that had been searched.  I have had people tell me there is a "strange feeling" or they can "sense" things in my house.  No one in my family nor any visitors have ever actually seen anything--until this past December when a friend of my son's stopped by to visit.

It was right after dinner when my son's college friend and her husband stopped by for a short visit.  We were all in my family room which is open to the kitchen.  They were here maybe 20 minutes then my son walked them out.  It was not until the next day that my son told me about what his friend saw.

I personally had only met this friend a few times but very nice and intelligent person.  Apparently she has had the ability to see spirits since she was a child.  She told my son she saw two men sitting at my kitchen table playing poker and smoking cigars and one of them was trying to get her attention.  I can't believe my son didn't ask her any more details--I would have had 100 questions.  But his feeling was as long as he can't see them he did not care!

I may have laughed this off except for the combination of other "odd" factors.  My first thought was what would have been her motivation to make this up?  She has known my son long enough to know not much rattles him (his response to her when told was "okay").  The main factor was when we were all in my family room talking I saw her turn her head quickly towards the kitchen.  She then kept looking back towards the kitchen leaning forward so she could see more directly into the kitchen.  At the time I thought what the heck is she looking at?  I actually was embarrassed  because I had not cleaned the kitchen after dinner and thought she was judging my dirty kitchen!

Another factor is hearing things which happened prior to her visit.   I had been laying on the couch at night after my husband went to bed thinking I heard him come back down and moving around in the kitchen.  This happened on at least two occasions--but when I got up no one was there.  On three occasions at around 4:30 in the morning all of us who were in different locations in the house (husband is up early for work) had heard a loud knocking sound.  Lastly one night when watching TV at about midnight I thought I heard the door to the garage slam closed.  My son hangs out in the basement and I wondered why in the world is he going into the garage?  When I heard it slam for the fourth time I got up and headed into the basement to see why he kept going into the garage.  I got down a few steps and there he was sitting in his chair at the computer.  He said he had not gone into the garage, not heard any slamming, and was actually a little rattled that I was hearing doors slam.

Lastly my thought was so just who are these ghosts in my kitchen?  I have been doing genealogy for many years and know quite a bit about many of my ancestors.  My great grandfather smoked cigars--have a picture of him with one in his hand, plus he was quite the wild one so it is likely he would have been a poker player.  My father in law and his brother played cards on a weekly basis for many years.  Plus another great grandfather owned a tobacco shop and made cigars.  I would love to have my son's friend back to look over pictures to see if she could pick any of the above out.

So my feelings are if they really come to play poker in my kitchen it is okay with me as long as they don't make a disruption and especially if they are my ancestors.  With one exception of hearing banging around in the kitchen when no one was there it has been all quiet since her visit.  Maybe they have moved on.

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