Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spooky Hand Print on Bedroom Wall

After writing my previous post about my son's friend seeing ghosts in my kitchen (you can read it Here) I started thinking about some of the other weird spooky incidents that have occurred in our house.  One of the strangest was my daughter finding a white hand print on her bedroom wall right beside her bed.
One morning about a year ago my teenage daughter woke up and starting yelling for me to come up to her bedroom.  She was rather freaked out as she showed me what appeared to be white finger prints on her wall right beside her bed.  She said "ghosts are leaning over me watching me sleep".  It did look like someone supported themselves by putting their fingers on the wall to lean over the bed.  Her first impression was it was a child's print because the the prints were close together.  But to me, because of the height from the floor it looked more like adult prints where someone just rested their fingers not their whole hand on the wall.  We both put our fingers up to the print and size wise it pretty much matched both our hands.

So we both tried to remember or figure out a reason either one of us would have leaned on the wall in that spot with our fingers.  I said maybe when I dust her window sill, which is right next to the prints, I lean my hand on the wall for support without realizing it.  So we both tried pressing our fingers on the wall below the prints to see if it left any impressions--it did not.

Because the prints were white I said well maybe I had lotion on my hands when I cleaned your window sill and that left an impression.  So we tried that--putting lotion on our hand and pressing the wall.  Even with not rubbing the lotion all the way in to our hands it left no marks.  Then we tried face powder.  But to somewhat duplicate the print we had to dip our fingers into face powder not rubbing it in at all before placing our fingers on the wall.  Neither of could imagine a reason we would have dipped out fingers into power and pressed the wall in that spot then not remembering doing it.  It is across the room from her make up table and she uses brushes for her make up anyway (I do not even use powder make up).

We rubbed one of the prints to see if it would come off which it did (why the pinky finger print is missing in the photo above).  So that eliminated the possibly of it being paint.  But we have not painted anything--white or purple--in her room for at least 3 years.

So it remains a mystery how that print got there.  It rattled her so much because of numerous odd things that have happened in her room usually late at night.  Her radio and a music box started to play on their own, she has heard what she thought were footsteps around her bed, and heard what she thought was a little girl laughing.

I told her not to be upset there still may be a logical explanation for it.  My feeling is if it was a spirit most likely it was my mother who died before my daughter was born.  She has had many dreams about my mother even though she never met her.  When my son was little this room was his bedroom.  My mom loved to tip toe in after he was asleep to look at him saying "he looks like such an angel".

So I told her to feel comforted not afraid, maybe her grandmother is watching over her which made my daughter feel much better and she has left the print there on the wall in honor of her grandmother.

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