About Me

I work as an artist /designer. I come from a long line of artists including my grandmother and her parents. So I was always encouraged to create as a child.  My favorite mediums are acrylic paints and color pencils when creating my art.  I like to do a variety of subjects including fantasy, animals, Halloween (anything spooky!), plus others. But my favorite by far is creating art with a Halloween, spooky, Gothic theme.

My other main interests beside art are history and genealogy.  I have been researching my family roots for many years and find it fascinating.  It is fun playing detective with my ancestors plus it fits with my love of history.  My favorite holiday is Halloween.  I love to hang out in cemeteries and old musty libraries.  You can check out my other blogs related to these interests on the main page.

I have a store at Zazzle where I sell most of my work called Art by MAR .   I have been at Zazzle since 2007 and love all the wonderful artists and products you can find there.  It is a great community with lots of talent and cool stuff you can customize!

If you have any comments or questions concerning this blog you can email me at the address below.
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